Phase 1

Create and release our free NFTs for Connecticut affiliated folks to mint.

This is where you come in. Holding one of these free tokens makes you a part owner of CT3.

Implement on-chain DAO voting via Squads.

And this is how you can make and vote on proposals about how you'd like to shape the group.

Segment off portions of our Discord specifically for token holders via Grape.

Though, there will always be publicly available Discord channels for non token holders.

Phase 2

Host events around the state to get to know, and learn from, each other.

If we're going to own CT3 together, we should hang out! We'll order pizza, hack on projects, and give presentations on what we've learned.

Create and distribute POAP tokens to whoever joins us for IRL events.

In addition to your free ownership NFT, we want to make and hand out custom tokens for attending IRL events.

Phase 3

Set up and run our own Solana validator.

Beyond being a neat educational experience for us all, rewards from running this validator can help pay for events.

Work with local Makerspaces to host a hackathon.

What fun is learning all of this new technology if we don't help the broader CT hacker/maker community build anything rad with it?